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The Homepump Eclipse* Ambulatory Infusion System is available in countries shaded yellow in the map below:

The Homepump Eclipse* Ambulatory Infusion System product line has the widest range of sizes and flow rates, making it an ideal choice for IV Antibiotic delivery. The market leader in elastomeric technology, Homepump Eclipse provides many benefits.

 Features & Benefits 

  • Helps reduce patient teaching time and unscheduled nursing visits
  • Compact size makes storage easier, both in the pharmacy and the patient’s home with easy disposal in standard "Sharps" containers
  • Patented multi-layer elastomeric membrane, assures outstanding performance and reliability
  • Easy for the patient to learn and use. Just attach to the IV access site and open the clamp

 Product Information 

Homepump Eclipse Brochure

Homepump Eclipse IFU Customer Information

Homepump Eclipse IFU

Homepump Eclipse Patient Guide

Infusion System
Description Reference Units/Case
50 ml volume, 50 ml/hr E050500 48
100 ml volume, 50 ml/hr E100500 48
100 ml volume, 100 ml/hr E101000 48
100 ml volume, 200 ml/hr E102000 48
250 ml volume, 250 ml/hr E252500 24
250 ml volume, 175 ml/hr E251750 24
400 ml volume, 100 ml/hr E401000 24
400 ml volume, 200 ml/hr E402000 24
500 ml volume, 250 ml/hr E502500 24

Infusion System Accessories
  Description Reference Units

Carry Pouch - Fits
50-200 ml volume pumps

Carry Pouch - Fits
250-500 ml volume pumps







Carrying Clip - Easily attach the HOMEPUMP to patients clothing 5001087 5

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There are inherent risks in all medical devices, please refer to the product labeling for Indications, Cautions, Warnings and Contraindications.For example, failure to follow the product labeling regarding filling, flow rate selection and placement of the pump and/or catheter could directly impact patient safety. Physician is responsible for prescribing and administering medications per instructions provided by the drug manufacturer.