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The Homepump C-Series* Ambulatory Continuous Infusion Pump is available in countries shaded yellow in the map below:

The Homepump C-Series* Ambulatory Infusion Pump is for chemotherapy protocols requiring flow rates from 0.5 ml/hr to 10 ml/hr and drug delivery times ranging from one to 11 days.

 Features & Benefits 

  • Compact size makes it easy for patients to carry out their normal activities while receiving chemotherapy infusions
  • Nothing to program, no batteries to buy
  • Cost effective method for continuous small volume infusions

 Product Information 

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Homepump C-Series IFU Customer Information

Homepump C-Series IFU

Homepump C-Series Patient Guide

Ambulatory Infusion Pump
Description Reference Duration
60 ml volume, 2 ml/hr C060020 30 hrs
100 ml volume, 0.5 ml/hr C100005 8 days
100 ml volume, 2 ml/hr C100020 2 days
125 ml volume, 5 ml/hr C125050 1 day
270 ml volume, 1 ml/hr C270010 11 days
270 ml volume, 2 ml/hr C270020 5.5 days
270 ml volume, 5 ml/hr C270050 2 days
270 ml volume, 10 ml/hr C270100 1 day
300 ml volume, 6 ml/hr C300060 2 days

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There are inherent risks in all medical devices, please refer to the product labeling for Indications, Cautions, Warnings and Contraindications.For example, failure to follow the product labeling regarding filling, flow rate selection and placement of the pump and/or catheter could directly impact patient safety. Physician is responsible for prescribing and administering medications per instructions provided by the drug manufacturer.