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      OsteoJect™ Bone Cement Delivery System (Int'l)

Distributed Outside the U.S. by:
I-Flow Corporation

The OsteoJect Bone Cement Delivery System is available in countries shaded yellow in the map below:

The OsteoJect Bone Cement Delivery System now offers leading technology to physicians with the first-ever reusable driver. The OsteoJect allows precise delivery of bone cement under active fluoro while keeping hands well outside of the fluoro field.

 Features & Benefits 

  • Reinforced Design
Allows longer working time, especially with thicker cements
  • Re-usable Driver
Extremely cost-effective
  • Long Tubing
Keeps hands well outside the fluoro field Ergonomic Design Finger-tip control with less hand fatigue
  • Precise Delivery
More precision; half turn delivers 0.25 ml
  • Right-Angle Bend on Tubing
Makes attachment easier with prone patient
  • Loading Scoop on Syringe
Unique scoop facilitates cement loading
  • Large Reservoir
Can hold up to 10 ml of cement
  • Large Rotating Luer Collar
Makes connecting to needle easier & more secure

 Product Information 

OsteoJect International Brochure

OsteoJect U.S. Brochure

Bone Cement Delivery System
Outside the U.S.    
Description Reference Quantity/Case
OsteoJect Driver OJ001 1
OsteoJect Tubing & Syringe Set OJ002 5
OsteoJect Tubing & Syringe Set w/Spatula & 60cc Loading OJ003 1

 Ordering Information 

Outside the U.S.:

I-Flow Corporation
43 Discovery, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 800.448.3569 or 949.923.2400
Fax: 949.923.2401


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